My husband and I have owned Westies almost all our married life.
The breed first came into our notice when we were on holiday in Scotland near Lochalsh over forty years ago. We watched a cheeky little dog jump out of a car and trot off up the path with owner in tow and we both thought that was just the right breed for us.
We bought our first pet Westie, Whisky, in 1968.
He certainly was not the best example of the breed, but, he had a good head, plenty of ’self esteem ‘, was lots of fun and had Us trained to please him very quickly !
We joined the local obedience training club and Whisky worked his way from class to class and finally became an advanced obedience dog. The interest in obedience stayed with us for the next  15 years  and I eventually became chairman of the club, in fact our first two show Westies were advanced obedience dogs.
When we lost Whisky we decided to look for a more typical specimen of the breed. One thing led to another and we bought our first dogs with ‘potential’ from Chris bacon of the Cabon affix.
At the appropriate time we entered our first show, won the class, and we were hooked.
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Wendy Corri  January 2006     


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